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You can be a successful home pellet producer


4 compelling reasons on why you can

Reason 1: Abundant and almost unlimited supply of raw material

Depending on your needs and expectation, there are 4 ways to obtain raw materials for your pellet production:

  • Wood sawdust from saw mill
  • Crop stalks (e.g. wheat, rice, corn, soybean, sugar cane, cotton, or even coffee husk)
  • Animal waste
  • Purchase online ready-for-production sawdust from Vietnam, Thailand or China

Reason 2: Low or affordable upfront capital outlay

As home pellet producer, your production capacity isn’t the same compares with factory production, which produces many tonnes per day and requires hundred of thousands of dollars of equipment. On the contrary, for a start, a cost-effective bundle cost around USD1390.00 (exclude shipping and custom cost) for biomass pellet production. This bundle comes with:

  • 4 Kw electric motor pellet mill (single-phase) with improved gearbox with higher torque power
  • Hammer mill to pulverize your raw materials (e.g. waste wood, tree branches)

(You can check out the bundle details by clicking here)

Reason 3: Easy and simple to operate and produce

Pellet mill, especially those built for home use, are compact and easy to use. You do not need any prior engineering or technical know-how to operate it successfully. In fact, a comprehensive English manual will be provided for every piece of equipment bought from us, so that you can easily follow the steps to operate the equipment. The manual will also help you to replace the die and/or the roller sets. And all tools are provided as part of the purchase.

Reason 4: Pellets can be easily stored for a long time

Newly made pellets can be kept inside reusable air-sealed bags and stored for a long time.  And they take up less space per unit density compared with wood logs, wood chips or sawdust.  In fact, it is the best form of energy to be stored at home.