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Why R.A.W.

Resources at Work (RAW) is a privately-owned company based in Singapore.  We are committed to environmental excellence in residential homes and farms through the promotion of home pellet production.  These pellets include: fuel pellets, livestock feed pellets and fertilizer pellets, and are produced using industrial and residual farm waste.  This also enables home and farm owners to be more independent and self-sufficient, while protecting the environment that they live in.

The raw materials required for creating these pellets can be obtained easily. Sawdust is required to make wood pellets for fuel, and can be obtained from wood mills.  Biomass waste such as crop straw from wheat, barley, canola or cotton, just to name a few, can be used to make fuel pellets.  Livestock manure can also be used as fertiliser or fuel pellets.  As for livestock feed pellets, hay or temp can be used, or cut grass.

The key to successful home pellet production is the right equipment to convert raw materials into pellets.  RAW sells a range of Home Pellet Maker (HPM) machines, using die and roller compression technology for the pellet conversion process.  The machines are specially selected for home production as they are compact, easy to use and maintain, relatively light in weight, and affordable.

These machines are designed and assembled in China, by a leading industrial equipment maker.  This company was carefully selected and trusted due to their numerous years of experience in the market, manufacturing excellence and reliable customer service support.

All information about HPM machines can be viewed and purchased on this website.  Full payment is only required after buyers are provided with an invoice that includes the total product cost and an official shipping quote.  (For more information on purchasing, please click on How to buy)

Whatever your requirements are to produce your own homemade pellets, RAW has the appropriate machine for you.