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Shipping arrangement

  1. Our preference is for our customer to liaise directly with our shipping partner upon acceptance of the shipping charges.
  2. This is to ensure, in the interest of our customer, a total transparent quotation where you know what you are paying without any hidden or unknown cost.  This also means that you save on foreign exchange and international bank charges, and you can also contact them directly should the need arrive.
  3. RAW does not collect or earn any commission on the delivery service.  Upon payment of the product purchase, we will work with the shipping agent to arrange the shipping and delivery of the purchase to your door step. The shipping agent will also contact you for the necessary payments and documents.

(Note: Please note that for all purchase of electric motor powered machines, they will not be shipped with electrical cable and plug.  This is to prevent any non-compliance issue of electrical parts, and to ensure maximum operational safety.)