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Dear Australian customers,

Your estimated delivery cost to your door step:

  1. Sea freight cost = USD40.00
  2. Insurance = USD80.00
  3. Customs & destination port charges = AUD480.00
  4. GST* = 15% of CIF value (C=cargo, I=insurance & F=freight) + Import Duty**
  5. Land transport =  AUD120.00 to AUD330.00 (depending on actual distance from destination port to delivery address )

*GST – If you have an ABN number, it can be claimed from the tax office.

**Import Duty = For import duty, our cargo usually comes with Certificate of Origin (COO).  Hence, it can be import duty free but still subject to final approval from Australian customs.

The above estimated figures are based on a cargo at or less than 1m³ and weigh 1 ton or less.  You will get the actual shipping quote when you request from us, and you need to provide us your name, contact and full delivery address.

Kindly read our shipping arrangement if you are using our shipping service.

(Note: Please note that for all purchase of electric motor powered machines, they will not be shipped with electrical cable and plug.  This is to prevent any non-compliance issue of electrical parts, and to ensure maximum operational safety.)