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Electric Single Phase, Home Pellet Maker, Superior

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Powered by a 4kW single-phase electric motor, the HPM15S is an ideal equipment for homeowners looking to produce feed or selected biomass pellets at home. This model is not suitable for wood sawdust raw materials.

Note that actual equipment may be different from the picture shown.


  1. Powered by electric motor 4kW 220V 50Hz single-phase
  2. Die diameter 0.15m
  3. Simple rotating die technology
  4. Equipment weight approx. 100kg (lightweight)
  5. Feed pellets (and selected biomass) approx. 80-120kg/hour production output*

Note: * – actual production volume is dependent on type of raw material use, the moisture content and the size of the raw material.

More information:

  1. Packaging dimension: 0.75×0.35×0.65m
  2. Equipment complete with hopper safety grid & wheels for ease of mobility
  3. Comes in night blue color or similar
  4. HPM machine will be shipped without the electrical cable and the electrical plug.  This is to prevent non-compliance and to ensure maximum operational safety

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Product Description

Motor Brand Shunyi or equivalent
Series Superior
Colors Comes in Night Blue or similar
Packaging Dimension (m) 0.75 x 0.35 x 0.65
Die Diameter (m) 0.15
Roller Type Twin Head
Compression Type Rotating Die
Power Type Electric Motor 220V 50Hz Single-phase
Power 4Kw
Output (kg/hr) 80-120 kg/hr (only for feed & selected biomass)/ Not suitable for wood sawdust
Weight (kg) 100 (approx.)
Equipment come complete with hopper safety grid & wheels for ease of mobility

Additional Information

Electric Motor

2.2kw single phase