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My Home Pellet Maker Arrives Today, What Next?


Getting your newly-purchased equipment to start is as simple as brewing your first cup of coffee from a new coffee maker

At RAW, we understand that while most of our customers have some experience in handling outdoor equipment, there are some who might not have such knowledge. That’s why when you buy our Home Pellet Maker, your purchase is almost ready to be used.
1. CONNECT, PLUG & PLAY OUT OF THE BOX – Simply get ready your local electrical cable and plug, connect to the electrical box (follow instruction manual) and plug into the socket and the machine* is ready to use.
2. READY TO USE OUT OF THE BOX – Your HOME PELLET MAKER’S moving parts have been greased and its gear box fully topped up with gear oil. Therefore, there is no need for spills and unnecessary mess whilst topping up.@
3. SIMPLE MIXTURE TO PREPARE YOUR DIE – You only need a 20 kg bag of flour and fine sand (or sawdust) equal mixture, and a 1.5 liter bottle of vegetable oil.  Simply pour the mixture into a bucket and mix it thoroughly with the vegetable oil.  With the machine switched on, pour this mixture into the feed hopper and collect them with another bucket at the pellet chute (output).  Repeat this step 10-20 times.  Your die is ready!
As a bonus, we will throw in a 10kg bag of dried sawdust+ for you to start producing your wood pellets. +
* – Connect, Plug & Play is only applicable for HPM12S and HPM15S models, where a single-phase electric motor of 220V and 50Hz is used, provided your country’s power supply is compatible with the motor specifications.  Please consult your relevant local authorities to confirm if you are unsure.  Do note that failure to comply with the motor specification requirements will result in equipment damage that will void your equipment warranty, and possibly incur human injury, of which RAW and the equipment supplier will not be liable
@ – Due to lengthy shipment time, buyers are strongly encouraged to check the grease and gear oil are still fully topped up before starting any production
+ – Some country customs may forbid such shipment for various reasons