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How to Buy

41493439_sBuying from RAW is easy, with minimum hassle.  However, if you’re here for the first time, do take a few minutes to understand RAW’s concept of online purchase.  Once you are done, click ‘Products’ at the Top of this page to start your shopping.

  1. Firstly, you’ll need to create an account with us
  2. Follow the account verification process in your email
  3. Login to your account
  4. Go to the products page to select your choice of home pellet maker and/or accessories
  5. Click the specific model that suits your needs
  6. We highly recommend for all our customers to purchase an extra set of rollers to take advantage of one shipping cost.  Be sure to click on the right one for your equipment model.  Click ‘ADD TO QUOTATION’
  7. Click ‘View Cart.’  You will see your Quotation List.  Check and confirm the items that you are planning to buy.  If you do not want a particular item, click the ‘X’ on the left and the item will be removed
  8. Once everything is in order, click ‘PROCEED TO FINALIZE’
  9. The QUOTATION REQUEST form will be shown.  Check your particulars, especially your shipping address* if you need the shipping quotation from us
  10. Click ‘REQUEST QUOTATION’.  We will respond firstly, with an acknowledgement email to inform you that your quotation request has been received.  We will work with our shipping partner of your country and send you the shipping quotation within five working days
  11. Once you are satisfied with the shipping/delivery quotation & arrangement, drop us an email to let us know
  12. You will receive an email quotation from us and a PAYPAL ‘Click to Buy’ link to complete your purchase.  You can pay using your PAYPAL account or your credit card.  You can also pay direct to RAW Bank Account
  13. Upon receipt of product payment, our shipping partner will contact you to make arrangement with the shipping/delivery and the payment.  Kindly note the shipping arrangement by clicking here


* – Note that we are unable to provide shipping quotation without a valid delivery address