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Home Pellet Production


The Next Big Thing for Home Energy is Here...

What is Home Pellet Production?

Home Pellet Production is the latest residential lifestyle where as a home owner, you produce wood pellets on your own and for your own use.  Producing your own wood pellets enables you to be:

  • Independent – You do not need to rely on stores or wood pellet factory to buy wood pellets.  You will always have them in your own storeroom 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.
  • Self-sufficient – If you need wood pellets, you can produce them in your own home, at your own time and at the amount you need.
  • In control – If you need power to say, heat up your home, you have wood pellets at home.  There is no need to rely solely on grid electricity or diesel oil.



How do I start my own Home Pellet Production?

RAW supplies compact pellet making equipment exactly for such production.  For a start, you can purchase a HPM15S (single-phase electric motor pellet making machine) and a CF158 hammer mill (crushing your raw materials e.g. wood chips or wood shavings into powdered form – if you do not have wood sawdust).

Where can I get the raw materials if I want to start Home Pellet Production?

The best place to get them is to get in touch with your local saw mills.  These factories produce tons of sawdust every day in their production work.  A ton of green sawdust can cost as little as USD40.00 (excluding delivery).  Some saw mill owners are more than happy to release them to you at little or no cost if you are able to arrange your own delivery.  The sawdust is considered production waste.  By offering them to you to recycle as wood pellets, they are also protecting the environment at the same time.

How do I prepare my raw materials for Home Pellet Production?

Most sawdust from sawmills is already in powdered form (as long as it is 5mm or smaller in size).  In this case, you only need to dry them (naturally under the sun until its moisture content is about 15%) and ‘clean’ them – by removing foreign particles like stone, rock, metallic objects or even wood chips.

If you need to crush your raw materials into powdered form using CF158 hammer mill, similarly, also ensure that your raw materials are free from foreign particles like stone, rock or metallic objects before you load them into the hammer mill machine.  Also, ensure that the raw materials are not too wet.

Where do I start my Home Pellet Production?

If you have an outdoor space or work shed within your property, this will be an ideal place to start.  A minimum 3x3m floor space will allow you to install the two machines – the HPM12S and the CF158 hammer mill.  Both machines use single-phase electric motor (220V), so you only need to plug them into your home power socket to power the machines.  The work shed also helps to contain dust and noise pollution.

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