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Be responsible – Use recycled sawdust waste to make wood pellets at home


Sourcing for the right raw materials are as critical as buying the right home pellet maker from us.  At RAW, we are committed to working with only the companies that sell recycled sawdust waste as raw material.

And here are a few reasons why:

  1. Each time a tree is milled into a log, the sawdust generated can be recycled.  It does not need to be disposed as waste.  And that’s where you and I come in – to change that.
  2. When you place an order to purchase recycled sawdust, you contribute to the reduction of cutting additional trees to produce more sawdust.
  3. Sawdust waste that is left unattended will decompose and emit carbon – so using it to make wood pellets will reduce the amount of carbon emitted.

Last but not least, when you purchase a home pellet maker from us, we will help you to purchase recycled sawdust within your country.  Although this isn’t exactly an environmental reason, it does help to support your local industries.

6 Myths about home pellet production with our home pellet maker (HPM) machine

FOMMyth #1 – I need to install expensive extended power supply to power the HPM machine

Fact: For our entry-level HPM12S or HPM15S machine (220-240V 50Hz) CONNECT, PLUG & PLAY OUT OF THE BOX.  Simply get ready your local electrical cable and plug, connect to the electrical box (follow instruction manual) and plug into the socket and the machine* is ready to use.  You do not need any additional power converter.

More Facts: If you use our diesel engine powered HPM machines, you do not need any external power. For our premium HPM machine series, simply connect, plug & play.  (Premium HPM machines only work if you have 3phase power supply in your home.)

Myth #2 – I need lots of space like a factory to operate the HPM machine

Fact: You only need about 2m2 floor space, or equivalent to two standard household washing machines (side by side) to operate our HPM machine. Our machines are 1.25m heights in average.

Myth #3 – I need to be technically trained to operate the HPM machine

Fact: You only need to press the ‘stop’ or ‘start’ buttons to operate the electric motor powered HPM machines. For the diesel engine model, you turn a key (similar to a car) to start the engine, and engage the clutch, each by a simple handle to operate the HPM machine. Each HPM machine comes with a simple to understand manual (English version) to guide you through the operation procedure.  (Actual operating procedure will depend on which model you purchase)

Myth #4 – I need to pay ten of thousands of US dollars to buy a HPM machine

Fact: You can purchase our entry-level HPM12S machine that costs around US$630.00. The diesel engine HPM machine starts at USD905.00. For the experienced users looking to produce more pellets, our top end Premium series cost from only USD1904.00 to just USD4300.00 for the top-of the line range (Note that these prices do not include shipping/delivery related charges).

Myth #5 – I am afraid the HPM machine cannot last long enough to get my money’s worth

Fact: Whether you buy the electric motor or diesel engine type, both type of models can last as long as up to 8 to 10 years*, if you maintain them well, and they can give you up to 8000 hours* of production. The die/roller per set can deliver up to 300 production hours.

(* – Actual lifespan depends chiefly on types of raw material use, proper handling of equipment, and regular maintenance)

Myth #6 – I don’t need large amount of wood pellets (like in a factory) for my family size

Fact: Our entry-level HPM machines are configured for household output needs, starting from just 20kg per hour and up to 55kg per hour. For those who require larger output, our premium series models can produce from 80kg per hour and up to 300kg per hour.


If you are planning to start your home pellet production, whatever your budget, your output requirement or your type of power preference, there’s always one model that RAW can provide to suit your needs.  Please go to our product page to find the HPM machine that you need.



Which is cheaper? To produce wood pellets on your own or buy from store?

An average household uses about 5000 kg of wood pellets per year for their heating needs.*

(*Note: According to Sfgate website©, the average American household uses about 7300kg of wood pellets per year. For illustration purpose we reduce this number to 5000kg for a smaller household (©



One 15kg bag of wood pellets cost around $10.00.  This means, the household pays about $3333.00* per year for 5000kg of wood pellets

(*Note = $10/15kg x 5000 kg including delivery and taxes.  Price varies according to location)


Producing wood pellets at home

Single-phase electric motor
home pellet maker

Diesel engine powered motor home pellet maker

HPM20S_superior_electric HPM12dS_Superior_diesel02
  1. Equipment cost = $1800.00 (estimate)
    1. 8Hp Diesel motor (entry model) OR 3Kw single-phase electric motor pellet mill operating at max. 80% power
    2. Production output about 20kg/hr (max. 30kg/hr but we will use 20kg/hr for this illustration)
    3. Cost includes lubricant, 1 extra set of roller/die & one moisture content tester
    4. Cost includes shipping, custom and delivery charges
  2. Raw material cost = $375.00 (estimate)
    1. 1 ton (1000kg) of fine sawdust cost about $60.00 (including delivery)
    2. 1kg of sawdust can produce about 0.8kg of wood pellets (20% leave the compression chamber as unprocessed sawdust waste which can be reused)
    3. To produce 5000kg of wood pellets, we need about 5000/0.8 = 6250 kg of sawdust
    4. Cost of 6250kg of sawdust cost = 6250kg/1000kg x $60 = $375.00
  1. Electricity cost = $189.00
    1. Grid power = $0.30 for 1kWh (average)
    2. Number of hours to produce 5000kg of wood pellets = 5000/20 = 250 hours
    3. Add 5% more of 250 hours for preparing of die/maintenance = 12.5 hours
    4. Electric motor operates at max. 80% of 3Kw
    5. Therefore, estimate electricity cost = (250 + 12.5) hours x $0.3/kWh x (0.8 x 3Kw) = $189.00


  1. Diesel fuel cost = $1102.50
    1. Diesel per litre around $1.4 (estimate)
    2. Diesel fuel consumption (estimate) = est. 3L per operation hour
    3. Number of hours to produce 5000kg of wood pellets = 5000/20 = 250 hours
    4. Add 5% more of 250 hours for preparing of die/maintenance = 12.5 hours
    5. Therefore, estimate diesel fuel cost = (250 + 12.5) hrs x 3L/hr x $1.4/L = $1102.5
Estimate cost of producing 5000kg wood pellets at home (Using single-phase electric motor home pellet maker)

= item 1 + item 2 + item 3

= $1800 + $375.00 + $189.00

= $2364.00

Estimate cost of producing 5000kg wood pellets at home (Using diesel engine motor home pellet maker)

= item 1 + item 2 + item 3

= $1800 + $375 + $1102.60

= $3277.50


  1. Using single-phase electric motor home pellet maker, the cost of producing 5000 kg of wood pellets at home can save as much as 30% (compare with buying at the store)
  2. Using diesel engine motor home pellet maker, the cost of producing 5000 kg of wood pellets at home can is almost the same, but if you produce more, the savings will increase.

Home Pellet Production

What is Home Pellet Production?

Home Pellet Production is the latest residential lifestyle where as a home owner, you produce wood pellets on your own and for your own use.  Producing your own wood pellets enables you to be:



How do I start my own Home Pellet Production?

RAW supplies compact pellet making equipment exactly for such production.  For a start, you can purchase a HPM15S (single-phase electric motor pellet making machine) and a CF158 hammer mill (crushing your raw materials e.g. wood chips or wood shavings into powdered form – if you do not have wood sawdust).

Where can I get the raw materials if I want to start Home Pellet Production?

The best place to get them is to get in touch with your local saw mills.  These factories produce tons of sawdust every day in their production work.  A ton of green sawdust can cost as little as USD40.00 (excluding delivery).  Some saw mill owners are more than happy to release them to you at little or no cost if you are able to arrange your own delivery.  The sawdust is considered production waste.  By offering them to you to recycle as wood pellets, they are also protecting the environment at the same time.

How do I prepare my raw materials for Home Pellet Production?

Most sawdust from sawmills is already in powdered form (as long as it is 5mm or smaller in size).  In this case, you only need to dry them (naturally under the sun until its moisture content is about 15%) and ‘clean’ them – by removing foreign particles like stone, rock, metallic objects or even wood chips.

If you need to crush your raw materials into powdered form using CF158 hammer mill, similarly, also ensure that your raw materials are free from foreign particles like stone, rock or metallic objects before you load them into the hammer mill machine.  Also, ensure that the raw materials are not too wet.

Where do I start my Home Pellet Production?

If you have an outdoor space or work shed within your property, this will be an ideal place to start.  A minimum 3x3m floor space will allow you to install the two machines – the HPM12S and the CF158 hammer mill.  Both machines use single-phase electric motor (220V), so you only need to plug them into your home power socket to power the machines.  The work shed also helps to contain dust and noise pollution.

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You can be a successful home pellet producer

Reason 1: Abundant and almost unlimited supply of raw material

Depending on your needs and expectation, there are 4 ways to obtain raw materials for your pellet production:

Reason 2: Low or affordable upfront capital outlay

As home pellet producer, your production capacity isn’t the same compares with factory production, which produces many tonnes per day and requires hundred of thousands of dollars of equipment. On the contrary, for a start, a cost-effective bundle cost around USD1390.00 (exclude shipping and custom cost) for biomass pellet production. This bundle comes with:

(You can check out the bundle details by clicking here)

Reason 3: Easy and simple to operate and produce

Pellet mill, especially those built for home use, are compact and easy to use. You do not need any prior engineering or technical know-how to operate it successfully. In fact, a comprehensive English manual will be provided for every piece of equipment bought from us, so that you can easily follow the steps to operate the equipment. The manual will also help you to replace the die and/or the roller sets. And all tools are provided as part of the purchase.

Reason 4: Pellets can be easily stored for a long time

Newly made pellets can be kept inside reusable air-sealed bags and stored for a long time.  And they take up less space per unit density compared with wood logs, wood chips or sawdust.  In fact, it is the best form of energy to be stored at home.