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Before you Buy


What you should know before purchasing your pellet-making equipment


  1. Prepare or plan your production area = at least 3 times the size of the pellet maker
  2. Preferably install your pellet maker in a confined space, e.g. garden shed or unused garage (to contain noise & dust)
  3. If your production area is outdoor and open space, please ensure that your neighbors are not affected by the noise and dust
  4. Ensure that you have a dry and enclosed area to store your pellets.  Newly make wood pellets, upon cooling down should be kept in air-sealed bags to avoid atmospheric moisture contamination
  5. Electricity – If you are buying the electric motor version, be sure to check that the electricity in your house can supply the required amount of power. If not, you may need to install a higher voltage first. *
  6. If you are new at producing your own pellets, begin with a model that comes with a small capacity♮
  7. You should source for a good supply of raw material that suit your pellet maker. We fully recommend recycled sawdust from a sawmill, with moisture content of around 12%. If possible, check if it comes from hardwood or softwood

Note: * – Superior series model comes with 2.2Kw or 3Kw electric motor single-phase 220V. Premium series model uses 415V 3-phase electric motor three-phase. Check them out at our products page.

Note: ♮- Check out our most affordable pellet maker, HPM12S using single-phase electric motor.