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About R.A.W.

Robert Koh, founder of Resources At Work (RAW) Pte Ltd, has spent more than a decade working in the environmental technology industry.  He worked alongside industrial experts from Europe and Asia, gaining hands-on experience in the application of various aspects of environmental technology, which are aimed at conserving our natural environment and resources.

A main concern shared by both the public and the industry is the question of what to do with industrial waste.  With today’s technology, waste can easily be converted, either to reuse, recover or recycle, which saves raw materials that otherwise have to be obtained from our precious earth.

While working on a wood mill project focused on reusing waste in Asia, the idea to introduce the same environmental concept for residential homes came to mind.  After some weeks of deliberation, he decided to expand his idea and develop an essential household need – the production of wood pellets at home by homeowners, for the purposes of heating or cooking at home.

This same concept was later introduced to the farming and grazing industry, to encourage farmers to convert their biomass waste into fuel or feed pellets, and livestock owners to convert animal manure into fertiliser or fuel pellets.  In recent years, farmers of purpose-growth feed crops are also embracing the concept of converting their harvest into pellets, which has also presented many benefits.

On this website, home owners, farm owners and livestock owners can find out all about home production pellet making machines, which are compact, lightweight, easy to use and affordable. There are 12 different models to choose from with these main differences:

  1. Type of power – Single-phase 220V 50Hz electric motor, 3-phase 415V 50Hz electric motor, or Diesel engine motor
  2. Type of compression technology – Rotating Die with stationary roller, or rotating roller with stationary die
  3. Type of use – Entry-level machines starting at USD729.00 for first-time owners to Premium machines at USD3952.00 for experienced wood pellets makers