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6 Myths about home pellet production with our home pellet maker (HPM) machine


If you are hesitating to start your own pellet production at home, read on

FOMMyth #1 – I need to install expensive extended power supply to power the HPM machine

Fact: For our entry-level HPM12S or HPM15S machine (220-240V 50Hz) CONNECT, PLUG & PLAY OUT OF THE BOX.  Simply get ready your local electrical cable and plug, connect to the electrical box (follow instruction manual) and plug into the socket and the machine* is ready to use.  You do not need any additional power converter.

More Facts: If you use our diesel engine powered HPM machines, you do not need any external power. For our premium HPM machine series, simply connect, plug & play.  (Premium HPM machines only work if you have 3phase power supply in your home.)

Myth #2 – I need lots of space like a factory to operate the HPM machine

Fact: You only need about 2m2 floor space, or equivalent to two standard household washing machines (side by side) to operate our HPM machine. Our machines are 1.25m heights in average.

Myth #3 – I need to be technically trained to operate the HPM machine

Fact: You only need to press the ‘stop’ or ‘start’ buttons to operate the electric motor powered HPM machines. For the diesel engine model, you turn a key (similar to a car) to start the engine, and engage the clutch, each by a simple handle to operate the HPM machine. Each HPM machine comes with a simple to understand manual (English version) to guide you through the operation procedure.  (Actual operating procedure will depend on which model you purchase)

Myth #4 – I need to pay ten of thousands of US dollars to buy a HPM machine

Fact: You can purchase our entry-level HPM12S machine that costs around US$630.00. The diesel engine HPM machine starts at USD905.00. For the experienced users looking to produce more pellets, our top end Premium series cost from only USD1904.00 to just USD4300.00 for the top-of the line range (Note that these prices do not include shipping/delivery related charges).

Myth #5 – I am afraid the HPM machine cannot last long enough to get my money’s worth

Fact: Whether you buy the electric motor or diesel engine type, both type of models can last as long as up to 8 to 10 years*, if you maintain them well, and they can give you up to 8000 hours* of production. The die/roller per set can deliver up to 300 production hours.

(* – Actual lifespan depends chiefly on types of raw material use, proper handling of equipment, and regular maintenance)

Myth #6 – I don’t need large amount of wood pellets (like in a factory) for my family size

Fact: Our entry-level HPM machines are configured for household output needs, starting from just 20kg per hour and up to 55kg per hour. For those who require larger output, our premium series models can produce from 80kg per hour and up to 300kg per hour.


If you are planning to start your home pellet production, whatever your budget, your output requirement or your type of power preference, there’s always one model that RAW can provide to suit your needs.  Please go to our product page to find the HPM machine that you need.